Bike Rental Management

Development Time 

2015 - 2016

The challenge

... was to develop a web application that digitalizes the complete bike rental process. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for digitalizing all aspects of rental management, including the creation of new rental orders, automatic generation of bills, as well as customer and stock management. The application simplifies rental operations, generates professional invoices, sends automatic reminders, and provides seamless customer and stock management.


The web application is designed to streamline and enhance the bike rental process and the reservation process can be completed in just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface provides an invoice overview, allowing rental providers to track and manage payments with ease. Furthermore, we prioritize flexibility by enabling order cancellation options, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free rental process..
Our web application also boasts robust stock management capabilities. Rental providers can effortlessly monitor and track their inventory, precisely knowing the location of each stock item. Additionally, our comprehensive customer data management system allows for easy access and maintenance of customer profiles.

The web application

  • Rental order creation & management
  • Stock management
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Generation of invoice- & reminder PDF files
  • Report generation


The following technologies have been used for the implementation...
  • PrimeFaces
  • Gitlab / Github
  • Docker & Linux Server
  • Jasper
  • MySQL
  • Maven
  • JavaEE
  • TomEE

Rental Order Creation

Our bike rental form is a seamless and user-friendly solution integrated with our stock management system. The form displays only the bike inventory available to the logged-in station, ensuring a smooth rental process. Material selection can be done via search option or barcode scanner.

Invoice Management

Our invoice management system simplifies and automates the billing process for rental orders. Invoices are automatically generated as soon as a rental order is created, saving time and eliminating manual tasks. The system also provides the flexibility to rebook or cancel invoices as needed, ensuring accurate and up-to-date billing information. Furthermore, the system enables the generation of invoices in PDF format, making it easy to share and distribute professional-looking bills.

Customer Management

Our customer management system is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize the management of customer information. Users can effortlessly create, edit, and delete customer profiles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. The system also offers the ability to merge customer profiles and attached invoices; furthermore, the system includes a robust search function that allows users to quickly identify and merge duplicate customer records, ensuring data integrity and improving overall efficiency.

Stock Management

The stock management system is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently manage bikes and bike accessories. Users can effortlessly create, edit, and remove bikes and accessories, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records.
The system also provides the functionality to transfer stock items between stations, ensuring optimal availability across locations. Additionally, the system maintains a detailed history of inspections for stock items, allowing for better maintenance and monitoring.


Our statistics module can effortlessly create reports that display rentals per station. These reports can be grouped by various parameters, providing a comprehensive understanding of rental activities. Additionally, the system allows users to generate reports that showcase the available material for a selected station, enabling efficient inventory management. Furthermore, users can create reports specifically tailored to Luxcard statistics, facilitating accurate tracking and analysis of Luxcard usage. The generated reports can be conveniently exported in PDF or XLS file format, ensuring compatibility and ease of sharing.

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